The Benefits of Dentures in Harvest Green

Dentures are a great option for those missing teeth. There are both partial and full denture options available, and a dentist can help you determine which is right for you. At M Dental at Aliana, Dr. Anisa Maredia installs dentures for patients in Harvest Green.

Steps to Getting Dentures

The process of receiving your dentures includes three basic appointments to create and form your dentures. When you and Dr. Maredia decide dentures are the best option, you will attend a wellness appointment. Your oral health will be assessed to make sure you are ready for dentures. After you have been declared healthy enough for dentures, Dr. Maredia and our team will examine your upper and lower jaw to determine how your dentures will fit. Partial dentures are a good option for those who are only missing a few teeth. If you're missing more teeth, a full set of dentures may be the right choice. Dr. Maredia will, of course, walk you through these options. Finally, you will use a wax tray to determine if the laboratory has created the best fit for your teeth.

The Benefits of Dentures

Dentures can have a transformative effect on our patients who have suffered from painful teeth for a long time. Adding dentures can give you a bright smile that improves your confidence levels quickly. In most cases, the discomfort of eating and talking is removed by the installation of dentures. Along with your smile being improved, you will see a difference in the composition of your face. The sunken cheeks that can be seen when several teeth are lost will be removed when you add dentures.

Avoid Further Wear and Tear With Dentures

The loss of teeth can be difficult for you to cope with. Lost teeth can cause dental issues, including increased wear on the teeth that remain. The excessive wear associated with tooth loss can lead to further extraction. Dr. Maredia uses dentures for her patients to limit the oral health problems they face in the future.

Protect Your Jawbone With Dentures

Tooth loss can play a role in the deterioration of your jawbone. The more teeth you lose, the faster you will feel the deterioration of your jawbone. A deteriorating jawbone can cause long-term problems for your oral health. Dentures do not halt the damage caused by jawbone loss, but the problem will be slowed.

If you are concerned about your teeth and want to discuss dentures, call M Dental Aliana to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maredia.