Gum Lift

Richmond, Texas

A gingivectomy, or gum-lift, is a dental procedure that reshapes, recontours, or removes the excessive gum tissue to enhance the look of your teeth for a beautiful, renewed smile.

How is it done?

Gum-lifts can be accomplished utilizing our state-of-the-art soft tissue laser technology—the procedure is relatively painless with quick recovery time. We use a diode laser designed for delicate and intricate soft tissue removal and management. No scalpels or incisions are involved.

Does it hurt?

During gum-lift treatment, the patient is numb and comfortable, allowing for a painless procedure. After treatment, mild to medium soreness or tenderness is expected at the gum line.

Who would benefit from a gum lift procedure?

  • Anyone with excessive soft tissue showing, known as a “gummy smile.”
  • Anyone with an uneven gum line, making the teeth look like they are different sizes and shapes.
  • Anyone whose teeth insufficiently erupted from the gums, making teeth appear smaller than their actual size.
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