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Richmond, Texas

Quick and simple treatment in one visit

Resin infiltration is a minimally invasive, restorative treatment for enamel developmental defects (hypo spots), post-ortho white-spot lesions (WSLs), and mild-to-moderate fluorosis.

At M Dental At Aliana, we use the ICON system to effectively mask white spots on smooth surfaces. Resin infiltration is a less invasive, painless treatment that does not require drilling and can be done in just one visit.

How is it done?

Your tooth is smoothed with an etching gel, ‘Icon infiltrant’ liquid resin, which penetrates the porous tooth tissue where it cures under a light. The treated tooth surface will reflect light and appear just as the surrounding healthy teeth.

Icon Resin Infiltration Benefits:

  • Immediate treatment of white spot lesions
  • No numbing or drilling
  • Preserve healthy tooth structure!
  • One quick and simple patient visit
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