Dental Implants

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A confident smile is one way that an individual can make a great impression and express their personality. If you have gaps due to tooth loss, you may feel less than confident about showing that smile to the world. This is where dental implants can make a positive impact on your dental health and overall well-being.

How Do Implants Work?

The purpose of dental implants is to replace the missing tooth or teeth that might be preventing you from living life to its fullest. They blend naturally with your existing teeth and last longer than other replacement options. They function as natural teeth would, making chewing and smiling worries a thing of the past. Careful consideration is taken to match the color and shape of your surrounding teeth to give a seamless, natural appearance.

The Dental Implant Process

The dental implant process starts with an appointment to establish that you will be a good candidate for the procedure. The dentist will explain the procedure and what to expect. This is a great opportunity to ask questions or express concerns that you may have. After this consultation, the implant anchors will be set into the jawbone. This creates a secure, stable foundation for the crown to be placed after the healing process is complete. During the procedure, you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible. Once the healing is far enough along, the crown will be placed, and you can start enjoying your restored smile. You will care for your implant just as you would your own teeth by brushing, flossing, and keeping regular checkups to maintain optimum dental health.

The Advantages of Implants

There are many benefits beyond the cosmetic aspect that make dental implants a great choice for replacing missing teeth. Some of these include:

  • Durability - With correct care, implants should last a lifetime
  • Security - Unlike other replacement options, implants won't slip while you eat, talk, or drink
  • Strength - Regain the ability to chew and bite, just like you would with natural teeth
  • Improve Speech - Sometimes, missing teeth can affect the way you talk. Implants can restore the ability to speak clearly and improve communication.
  • Improved Confidence - Improving your smile can lead to more confidence and willingness to share your smile with others.

Investing in the quality of your smile is something that many people consider worthwhile. Not only do dental implants improve the look of your smile, but they also benefit you in other ways as well. If the decision to take the next step towards regaining a confident, functional smile has been something you have been considering, now is the time! It is no longer necessary to hide gaps or deal with embarrassing inconveniences other replacement options might entail.

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Choosing to go with dental implants now means enjoying the benefits for years to come. It is always important to choose an experienced, trustworthy expert when having dental procedures done. The team at M Dental at Aliana is ready to listen to your questions and concerns and help to create the healthy, complete smile you have always dreamed of. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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