Root Canal Therapy in Pecan Grove

New and Improved Root Canal Therapy for Pecan Grove Residents

Thanks to dramatic improvements in care, patients no longer have to fear root canal therapy. M Dental at Aliana provides the latest root canal treatment techniques to minimize pain and lower anxiety for Pecan Grove residents.

Dr. Maredia puts patients at ease by educating them on the procedure, and the pain-reducing efforts used to ease discomfort. Root canal therapy starts the healing process and saves the tooth from extraction. Our dentist will likely have your tooth X-rayed before beginning treatment and focus on your pain and discomfort right away.

Gaining your trust and confidence is part of the therapy process. The team at M Dental at Aliana will respond quickly and expertly to get you taken care of and free from root canal pain.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

You've probably had some sensitivities to hot and cold food and drink before your dental visit. Your dentist understands that the most important thing is to help stop the pain and start the healing process.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

A tooth needing a root canal is painful enough. Dr. Maredia knows that the last thing you want is more pain. If the infection worsens, it can trigger other illnesses and add more mouth pain.

Oral infections can lead to tooth and bone loss, which can affect your facial appearance. Although you might experience some discomfort during the procedure, Dr. Maredia will work to alleviate as much pain as possible.

After the infection is removed, Dr. Maredia will pack and seal the site to allow for healing. After root canal treatment, she can prescribe mild pain relievers and recommend placing hot or cold compresses near the affected area to help relieve any remaining soreness. As healing progresses, your pain will resolve.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

During a root canal, Dr. Maredia clears the infected pulp or root from the infected site. A canal or pathway is made to remove the bacterial debris during the process. Once the irrigation process is complete, the canal is repacked with materials, and a crown that functions like a natural tooth is often added.

The team at M Dental at Aliana wants to help you keep your mouth as healthy as possible. After your procedure is completed, it's wise to discuss ongoing oral healthcare with our dentist and dental professionals.

You want a straightforward dentist who cares about your family's overall health and whose staff will treat you with courtesy and respect. Call M Dental at Aliana to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maredia for root canal therapy.